Foundations of Herbalism Online Program 2020

Financial Assistance Details

Our ability to offer tuition assistance is based on mutual trust. We trust you to be honest in your assessment of your economic reality and only request assistance if you truly need it in order to attend the Foundations of Herbalism Program.  We are committed to sharing our teachings with the community and trust that each student will compensate us for our efforts to the best of their ability.

Use the criteria below to help you determine if you should apply for our Financial Assistance options.

Full Tuition ($2,250 paid in full at registration or  9 monthly payments of $250): This is the price we feel that the program is worth. If you have access to financial resources if needed, own property, have health insurance for you and your family, have personal savings, or you have people in your life you could tap for financial support, such as family members, partners, or friends, that would make it possible for you to attend, we ask that you call on your personal resources to pay for the program tuition.

Financial Assistance/Tuition Discounts: We offer this to anyone who cannot pay the full price of the program and without a discount would be unable to attend. If you have limited resources, no income, are disabled, a single parent, are a caregiver for someone, or are a member of marginalized groups (i.e. a person of color, non-binary, elder over 65) and as a result, could not attend without an option that allows for your economic reality, we invite you to apply for a scholarship.

We ask all students who qualify for financial assistance to contribute some amount towards their tuition payment;  that amount is based on your financial resources. Once we receive and review your application, we’ll be in touch to discuss options.

Financial Assistance Application.

Thanks to Alexis J. Cunningfolk for sharing a template that inspired our policy.