Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us here.

Yes! We offer both online and in-person classes!

Some of our comprehensive courses, like the Foundations of Herbalism Program and Clinical Skills for Herbalists Series, are online. We also offer many of our classes and program as on-demand recordings that you may access on your schedule and review as often as you like for one year.

In addition, we have plant walks and herb weekends planned for 2022! Check the calendar for walks and retreats that are open for registration

Attending an online herb class is a different learning experience, but we’ve done our best to create an engaging and interactive format. Attend extended programs as live webinars or recordings that may be accessed for one year, depending on the version of the program you purchase.

We use Zoom to stream live classes. We post class recordings after each class in our Online Classroom. All classes and programs include written support materials available as PDF downloads.

Students access video recordings, class materials, and quizzes through the BotanoLogos Online Classroom on our website. Registered students may access the Online Classroom to watch (or re-watch) videos or download materials anytime for one year.

Yes! From April until October 2022, we’ll be hosting plant walks or retreats each month. Starting in April, we’ll be offering at least two plant walks per month where you’ll learn about familiar with local plants and their uses as medicinal herbs and foods throughout the seasons. Our weekend and week-long herb retreat also explore the herbs of the region and their benefits. See the Calendar listings for details and registration.

We always allow time during and at the end of each class or webinar for questions. In addition, students in our extended programs have access to a private online discussion forum monitored by Patricia Kyritsi Howell, where they can ask questions outside of class.

You can access all online classes and recordings using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Log in details are provided before each class. 

Requirements vary for each of our classes and programs. To earn a certificate from any of our extended programs, you’re required to complete online quizzes and take a final exam. You’ll find these details in the program descriptions on our website.

Prerecorded webinars available for download do not include homework or quizzes. And plant walks and retreats are information-packed and great fun but do not require anything beyond enjoying meeting local herbs!

We’re in Clayton, Georgia, a small town in Rabun County, in the northeast corner of the state surrounded by the Southern Appalachian Mountain. We’re about 100 miles northeast of midtown Atlanta and 85 miles southeast of Asheville, North Carolina.

No. But we do offer “pay-as-you-go” subscription payment plans that allow you to make monthly payments. And several of our more extended programs offer reduced tuition options for those who qualify; see details here.

All shorter classes and webinars require payment in full to register. Our Foundations of Herbalism and Clinical Skills for Herbalists Series require a deposit when your register with the option of paying your tuition balance in full or making monthly payments. If you choose monthly payments, we’ll automatically process your payment using your credit or debit card on the 5th of each month. If your payment does not go through for any reason, you will be notified via email and have two days to add funds to your account to cover the amount or contact us with an alternate payment method. If you fail to make a monthly payment, you’ll lose access to the program until your account is up to date. We are always willing to work with students to renegotiate payments plans if needed. Questions about payment options? Please send us an email.

See our full refund and cancelation policy here.

You should have received an email confirming your registration with a link to log into the live Zoom class. If you are having trouble finding the email, or can’t log in for some unknown reason, please send an email to Michele Marlow, our tech wizard. Include your name and the name of the course you are trying to access.

For help accessing a recording through our Online Classroom, please email  Michele Marlow, our tech wizard. Include your name, the name of the course you purchased, and she’ll be in touch. Note that our staff does not work after business hours (Eastern time) or on weekends, so look for a response the next business day.

BotanoLogos is a great place to start your herbal studies! You might like to start with our Herbal Basics for Everyone recorded webinar. It includes 6 hours of lectures by Patricia Kyritsi Howell and lots of great handouts. Once you purchase the webinar ($25.00), you can access it anytime you like for one year. Our Foundations of Herbalism Program, offered annually in a virtual format, is a more in-depth 120-hour training in the practice of herbalism. Read more about this program here.

Both our Foundations of Herbalism and Intermediate Level Programs help you understand different approaches to herbalism as you develop your own elegant and effective way of using herbs. Our extended programs emphasize learning to use local herbs, create formulas for specific symptom patterns and differential diagnosis skills. We want you to feel confident and empowered to use herbs effectively and safely. 

any of our students are interested in pursuing a career in herbal medicine, and we think this is a great idea. We need herbalists in every home! While completing our Foundations of Herbalism program and Clinical Skills for Herbalists Series may not provide all the herbal training required to start an herbal practice, they do provide a solid foundation in the art of herbal medicine. Hours accrued through all BotanoLogos programs count towards the education hours needed to apply for Registered Herbalist membership in the American Herbalists Guild. Read more about AHG’s education recommendations here.

Our commitment to diversity includes providing a stimulating, creative, and supportive learning environment that honors the many ways learning and healing occur. Many of our programs offer reduced tuition or scholarships for BIPOC students, and we welcome proposals for barters and trade; learn more about thes options here. We believe that health care is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all. While we recognize there will always be more to learn and things we can improve and change, we are actively engaged in ongoing education and training.

Yes! Our Online Classroom used for live-streamed webinars and class recordings is accessible from any place with Wi-Fi access.

Yes! The best one is probably Tammy Sweet’s online course Anatomy and Physiology for Herbalists; find out more here. We also like this free online anatomy and physiology course.