Foundation of Herbalism Program 2023
Registration & Payment Details

Tuition: $2250.00. See Payment Options.

Registration: To register,  submit your Registration Application, and a non-refundable deposit of $250.00. Payment in full is due before the first class unless you have enrolled in the payment plan or arranged for work trade or barter to cover a portion of your tuition. See our Refunds and Cancelations Policy 

Certification: We award a Certificate of Completion to students who meet all Program Requirements and receive a passing score on the final exam. This certificate acknowledges the successful completion of the Program. It recognizes proficiency in the basics of herbal therapeutics, field botany, herbal formulation, medicine-making techniques, and the medicinal uses of sixty herbs. We do not confer any titles such as “Certified,” “Registered,” or “Master Herbalist.” For more information, see Is This Program Right for You?

Program Requirements: If you are interested in receiving a Certificate of Completion, you cannot miss more than one weekend of class, must complete all class assignments and quizzes, make and present the required herbal preparations at the Medicine Show (December 3, 2023) and receive a passing score (75+) on the final exam (January 27, 2024). Students may also choose to attend the Program without meeting the program requirements although completing monthly reading assignments significantly increases your ability to follow the information presented in class.

About Payment Plans: We offer the option of making tuition payments monthly, for details see all Payment Options

Work Trade or Barter: We’ll consider trade or barter proposals for services or goods. The maximum value for any work trade and barter is $700.00 to be deducted from the total tuition due.

How to Apply for Work Trade or Barter: Send us an email with a detailed description of the services or goods you are offering and their value (in dollars). Feel free to include photos. Please don’t submit vague or general offers such as “helping out” or “yard work.” You must be precise, for example, “Two one-hour foot reflexology sessions,” or “Handmade lamb’s wool shawl,” etc. Once we receive your proposal, we’ll contact you. We have a limited number of work trade and barter options, and they tend to go quickly.

We’ll deduct the value of your work trade or barter from the balance of your tuition. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is still required to reserve your place in the Program. The balance of your tuition is due in full on March 5, 2023, or you can request to make monthly payments. The deadline for completing all work trade or barter agreements is November 1, 2023. After this date, all agreements are void, and the dollar amount equivalent to any remaining work trade or barter is due before you can attend class or receive a Certificate of Completion.