Sara Stender

Sara Stender is the Founder and Executive Director of Asheville-based nonprofit organization Africa Healing Exchange (AHE) and the owner of 3 Mountains. Sara is a passionate global activist and social entrepreneur who is building these organizations in order to make a great positive impact on all people involved. She has been working with the people of Rwanda for over a decade, creating a vehicle that would support total health for marginalized women, offering resources for overcoming trauma in a post-genocide Rwanda, and to create new economic opportunities for overcoming poverty.

Under the brand name TÎma (pronounced Tee-mah and meaning ‘heart’ in Kinyarwandan), 3 Mountains sells organically grown, fair trade loose-leaf tea from Rwanda as well as a natural energy drink called Silverback on Tap™. Sales of this tea—some of the best in the world—enables positive change in the lives of thousands