Charles & Pam Leonard

Native North Carolinians Pamela and Charles Leonard came to organic herb farming by a circuitous route. Both have degrees in art. Pam worked as an artist, art critic, and gallery manager. She then spent a number of years in the legal field where she was a mitigation specialist investigating capital murder cases and directed a restorative justice project. Charles worked in advertising before teaching graphic design and design history for 35 years.

Farming seemed like the next illogical step!

Pam’s interest in herbal medicine deepened after completing an herb program at BotanoLogos; she and Charles decided to launch a second career that would nurture them, and improve their small corner of the world through sustainable, organic agriculture. As Pam said at the time, “How hard can it be?”

In the years since they’ve found out.

They founded Gentle Harmony Farm in the Yadkin River valley near Winston-Salem in 2009 and began by cultivating cover crops to improve the soil and planting test rows of herbs. With encouragement from herbal partners like Jeannie Dunn of Red Moon Herbs, they now have five acres of artisanal medicinal herbs under cultivation and have been USDA certified organic since 2012. Seedlings start in the greenhouse and are transplanted, tended and harvested by hand. Gentle Harmony Farm sells both fresh and dry herbs directly to Red Moon Herbs and other companies, and to many herb practitioners in the area.

Visit the Gentle Harmony website.