Jeannie Dunn

Jeannie Dunn is the owner of Red Moon Herbs in Asheville, NC, where she and her staff create herbal products from local, abundant plants harvested in peak season in the Wise Woman tradition. Jeannie has been wildcrafting and making herbal extracts, oils, and salves for over a decade. Her herbal roots extend to the back-to-basics lifestyle she knew as a child on a multi-generational family farm in Efland, NC. She enjoys downtime in the woods hunting for mushrooms and usnea and other sustainable finds with Michael and their two kids, Sofia and Sam.

Red Moon Herbs, a small herbal products manufacturer makes fresh extracts from prolific herbs harvested in peak season. Red Moon usually processes very common plants that many of us know as weeds, but continues to passionately pursue ways to foster sustainability for high-demand plants such as ginseng by transitioning to using alternative parts of the plant and encouraging growers to plant wild-simulated forest-grown plants.