Zaire Sabb

Zaire Sabb is a mother, healer, activist, advanced doula, herbalist and child of Ifa.

From an early age this native Floridian has had an intense connection to the spiritual and the physical. She has honored this connection by dedicating her life to healing through training in both traditional western healing modalities as a nurse and ancient ancestral healing as a priestess of Ifa/Orisha. This mother of two is dedicated to helping women not only find their voice but to reclaim it.

Her ultimate goal is to integrate both allopathic and spiritual medicine in order to rebalance the womb, heart and spirit. Her professional history involves being a Critical Care RN specializing in Pediatric Cardiac Transplants as well as a clinical researcher for the FDA, and is a clinical educator for new RN’s. She also has participated in medical missionary work in 4 different countries. Zaire is also an advanced doula with a focus on complicated/ high risk pregnancies, where her passion and training as an herbalist comes full circle.

Zaire is a second year student at Botanologos with Patricia K. Howell .

She will be teaching “Know Normal” on August 25, 2018.