We’ve got an early case of spring fever here in the mountains! And though the signs of spring are few right now, it won’t be long until we’re swooning over the first bloodroot.

Check out our first round of herb classes for the New Year and make plans to join us here in the Southern Appalachians, or access one of our webinars at BotanoLogos OnLine, our new virtual classroom.

First up is our most comprehensive program, the Foundations of Herbalism program, starting the weekend of March 16 & 17. This in-depth program meets one weekend per month from March to December here in Rabun County.  Just a few seats left!

Our next webinar is From Symptom to Formula, a three part series with Patricia Kyritsi Howell, that kicks off in April. Recordings of two of our recent webinars, Herbal Basics for Everyone, and Healing with the Five Elements are now available (for a ridiculously low price).

BotanoLogos has introduced herbalism to thousands of people in the Southeast since 1993. We’d love to help you learn about herbal medicine! To receive updates on new classes as we post them, sign up for our Newsletter.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Events

  1. Foundations of Herbalism Program Begins!

    March 16
  2. Webinar: From Symptom to Formula

    April 2 @ 7:00 pm - April 23 @ 9:00 pm
  3. Second Annual Small Scale Organic Medicinal Herb Farming Workshop

    May 24 @ 1:00 pm - May 26 @ 1:00 pm

Testimonials from our students

  • "I believe that your classes are the best overall introduction to the use of herbs that I have seen. The information is clear, up to date and presented in a way that makes it easy to learn."

    Charli Vogt

    Atlanta, Ga

  • "Patricia’s knowledge of the medicinal flora of the Southeastern United States, coupled with her sensitivity about their conservation, reflects her intimate familiarity with herbs in the field and clinic. She is an exceptional resource for students with an interest in the practical use of herbal medicines and the historical context of their popular use."

    Jim Affolter


    Director of Research, The State Botanical Garden of Georgia
    and Associate Professor of Horticulture, University of Georgia,

    Athens, Ga

  • "Patricia is a gifted teacher who provides just the right mix of lecture, demonstration, and self-discovery. You'll learn more than you ever knew there was to know about healing, understanding, and laughing! "

    Manette Messenger

    Atlanta, Ga

  • "A multi-faceted course of study that revolutionized my approach to healing those in my practice, my family, and my self."

    Sophia Brothers Peterman

    MD, MPH

    Atlanta, Ga

  • "This program helped me take the first steps towards becoming a practicing clinical herbalist. I recommend it to anyone looking for a foundation in botanical medicine that will help them determine if herbalism is the career for them."

    Holli Richey

    RH (AHG)

    Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • "Whether you plan to become a professional herbalist, or just want to learn more about plants and herbal medicine, this is a great introduction to the incredible diversity of plants in the Southern Appalachians. "

    Fatina Bissat

    Macon, Ga

  • "This comprehensive program was exactly what I was looking for! In part due to the fact that Patricia is a passionate and authentic teacher drawing on her years of clinical experience to bring herbalism to life."

    Noelle Fuller

    Homer, Ga

  • "You taught me more than I had been able to learn in my years of study using various herb books. "

    Shannon O’Lear


  • "BotanoLogos classes excel at presenting even the most complex topic in a well-organized, easy to understand manner. Patricia’s is very approachable as a teacher. If this were Tripadvisor, I’d rate them with 5 stars!"

    Pam Gould

    Atlanta, GA

  • "As a registered nurse for 30 years, I was gratified to learn that there were answers to the questions that didn't seem to fit anywhere in conventional medical practice. "

    Suzan Scholl


    Lineville, Alabama

Buy The Book

Medicinal Plants

of the Southern Appalachians

Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachians by Patricia Kyritsi Howell, BotanoLogos program director, is an essential reference for herbalists interested in the uses of native plants of the Appalachians and much of Eastern North America. Herbs such as Black Cohosh, Mountain Mint, Goldenrod, Joe Pye Weed and many others are described in detail, along with guidelines for ethical harvesting, lots of recipes, easy to follow directions for making herbal medicines and bloom/harvest calendars.

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