From Symptom to Formula

Tuition: $25 for three 2-hour webinars and all handouts.

This webinar introduces you to a step-by-step method for assessing symptoms presented during an intake, determining the herbal actions needed, and generating a list of herbs that will form the basis for effective formulas.

Using a body systems and herbal actions this method, developed by Patricia Kyritsi Howell, helps you organize and prioritize symptoms to treat both acute and chronic symptoms. You’ll learn to recognize the patterns behind seemingly random symptoms and to choose herbs that address both immediate and constitutional health challenges.

We’ll also look at how to combine herbs to create various herbal formulas and preparations. The series ends by reviewing several case studies and applying the method described.

While this method uses Western herbalism to classifies herbs in terms of their actions on body systems, it can easily be modified and expanded to incorporate TCM, Ayurvedic and other healing paradigms.

After sharing this method with my students for almost 20 years I find it empowers beginning practitioners to build effective formulas and treatment protocols with confidence.

In this webinar series you’ll learn…

  • to organize symptoms gathered through an intake.
  • a deeper understanding of how herbal actions affect specific body systems.
  • to differentiate between chronic and acute symptoms patterns to create appropriate treatment strategies.
  • empower you to build your herbal practice with confidence.

Note: This material provided in this webinar series assumes that you have a basic foundation in herbalism. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about whether this is a good fit for you. Looking for beginners level herb classes? Check out our Herbal Basics for Everyone webinar series, now available as a recording.

This is a pre-recorded class.