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I’ve added some links to sites where you can find  COVID-19 resources that will be of interest to herbalists.

They include information about possible herbal approaches to treating flu symptoms, improving your immune response and general insights into this constantly evolving understanding of the virus.  Keep in mind everything we know is based on speculation, some limited actual clinical reports and anecdotal accounts from frontline health care workers.  There are no miracle herbal cures for COVID-19, for that matter, there are no miracle cures at all right now. With prayers for healing for all.

Red Moon Herbal COVID-19 Resource Hub

American Herbalists Guild Community Web Resources for COVID-19 

Community Care Resources from Herbalista


Monographs Check out these monographs that spotlight herbs we’re seeing in the forests of Southern Appalachia throughout the seasons.

Blue Cohosh Monograph

Partridgeberry Monograph

Usnea Monograph

Yellowroot Monograph


Medicine Making Guidelines: We’ve put together a very concise guide to making infusions, decoctions, oils, salves and, tinctures (both folk and weight to volume methods). For more detailed directions, especially if you are new to making herbal preparations, we recommend Modern Herbal Dispensary by Thomas Easley and Steven Horne.

Making Usnea Extract: Usnea is a powerful infection fighter…if you know how to make a potent tincture using the hot extraction method I learned about from Christopher Hobbs. Here are step-by-step directions. 

Herb Suppliers: No matter what you do or don’t know about herbs, your remedies are only as potent as the herbs you are using. And you need to know where your herbs come from, how they were harvested and processed. For this reason, we recommend that you only purchase herbs from companies that sell herbs cultivated organically, without the use of chemicals, or are harvested sustainably. We also prefer to use local companies whenever possible so you’ll these featured.

Bulk herbs and some herbal products.

Frontier Natural Products Coop: An Iowa based cooperative featuring bulk herbs and spices, essential oils (Aura Cacia brand), medicine making supplies and just about everything you might find in a natural products store (supplements, herb products, cosmetics, laundry soap, etc.) Wholesale accounts available.

Mountain Rose Herbs: An Oregon herb company that sells smaller amounts of bulk herbs (4 oz. minimum) as well as everything an herbalist might need to make medicinal preparations (bottles, oils, beeswax, jars, etc.). Also tinctures, capsules, and essential oils. No wholesale pricing but their retail prices tend to be lower than most other suppliers.

Gentle Harmony Farm: Small family run herb farm in eastern North Carolina that offers what can only be described as artisanal quality bulk herbs such as holy basil, calendula, motherwort, as well as fresh roots.  Get on their email list to be notified when herbs are available as they sell out quickly.

Heilbron Herbs: Bulk fresh and dried herbs available seasonally as well as a small line of their own herb preparations. All herbs are US grown and many from smaller farms in North Carolina.

Sleepy Hollow Herb Farm: Located in Dalton, Georgia, Sleepy Hollow is a leading source of research on several native herbs, most notably goldenseal. They don’t sell bulk herbs, just an array of products featuring goldenseal.

Red Moon Herbs: Local herbs from local farms and herbal preparations, inspired by the Wise Woman Tradition.

Pacific Botanicals: Bulk dried herbs (1 pound minimum) and the option to pre-order freshly cut or dug roots. See the harvest calendar on their website for details.

Zack Woods Herbs: Vermont family farm cultivating and wildcrafting a wide variety of herbs. Dried herbs available in 8 oz or 1 pound minimums. Fresh herbs must be pre-ordered and there is a 10-pound minimum (get a group together to place an order??).

Medicine-Making Supplies:  Bottles, oils, paper bags, funnels, labels, etc.

Frontier Natural Products Coop: Extensive catalog of medicine-making supplies.

Mountain Rose Herbs: In addition to herbs and herbal products, Mountain Rose sells all types of carrier oils, beeswax, jars, bottles, etc.

The Chemistry Store: Lots to see here. Bottles, jars, various things you’d need to make medicines.

This and That

Here is the PDF of the slide deck from my webinar about starting your own herbal products business:  Herbal Products Business Webinar Slides

Balm of Gilead buds are found in early spring. Here is some information about making them into salves, along with tips for working with resins in general.  Making infused oils with resins

















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