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Herbalistawww.herbalista.orgAtlantaGeorgiaHerbalista recognizes healthcare as a fundamental human right. We sponsor health services and herbal education through a variety of programs, empowering folks to care for themselves and their neighbors. We believe true healthcare is based on a foundation of mutual respect and mutual aid– solidarity not charity!, , ,
NC Alternative Crops and Organics,wide%20variety%20of%20specialty%20crops.Mills RiverNorth CarolinaAn impressive project led by the work of our friend and colleague, Dr. Jeannine Davis, this website is an essential resource for growers in general but also includes extensive research-based information about cultivating medicinal herbs. Lots of material on their website and they also sponsor education programs of interest to herb and vegetable growers. , ,
Sleepy Hollow Herb Farmwww.sleepyhollowherbfarm.comDaltonGeorgiaA small family-owned farm and regional leader in forest-grown herb cultivation and product development. Best source for goldenseal tincture and capsules. Plus other cosmetic and medicinal preparations made with farm-grown herbs. Lots of goldenseal research information included on their website. ,
Ritual CarolinaExotic array of herbal products with an energetic, ceremonial vibe including lovely hydrosols, tinctures, anointing oils, dried herbs and more. Online and in-person workshops too. , , , ,