Is This Program Right for You?

Deciding to enroll in a lengthy course of study requires careful consideration. The following information may help determine if our program is appropriate. If you still have questions, we will arrange a time to speak with you. Please email us to arrange a time for a phone or Zoom chat.

Tuition Payment Options. We offer three options for tuition payments: pay the tuition in full when your register; pay the deposit when your register and the balance of your tuition on March 5, 2023; or pay the deposit when your register and then make monthly payments from February to November.  See Payment Options for complete details.

Herbal beginners are welcomeThis program is a great place to start if you have no previous knowledge of herbs! We’re happy to share suggestions for optional readings before the program begins though complete beginners should have no trouble starting their studies with us in March. Check out the Herbal Basics for Everyone webinar recording, available for purchase here

Self-taught herbalists love our program. While we don’t claim to be ‘Keepers of The Truth,’ our program is designed to help you understand various approaches to herbalism. We’re also here to support you as you develop your relationship with herbs and their ability to heal you, your family, and your friends. If you have been dabbling in herbs for years, have read a bunch of herb books, or have studied with other herbalists, our program can help you integrate herbalism into your daily life and answer lots of your questions along the way!

We welcome students from a variety of backgrounds. Whatever your knowledge or previous experience, we’ll provide you with the information you need to use herbs confidently and effectively for yourself, your family, and your friends. Past students include stay-at-home moms and dads; artists; veterinarians; farmers; cooks; pharmacists; health food store owners; accountants; musicians; doctors; aspiring herbalists; nurses; and high school or college students. We welcome anyone interested in learning about herbs and healing in a stimulating, creative, supportive environment. 

Yes, you will have homework. You should devote about four hours each month (outside of class) to reading, studying, and medicine-making to get the most from the program. You’ll receive detailed monthly homework and reading assignments in the first class. The more time you devote to reading and applying what you’ve learned, the more you will gain from the program. We share quizzes throughout the program to help you focus on learning outcomes. If you are interested in earning a Certificate of Completion from BotanoLogos, you must complete all homework assignments and program requirements. If you are not interested in earning a certificate, we still encourage you to keep up with monthly reading assignments to understand program content better.

Basic anatomy and physiology classes are not part of the program. Before enrolling, students should have a basic understanding of the human body and its workings. Suppose you have never formally studied human physiology or anatomy or could use a refresher course. In that case, one of the best ways to learn is with this online course specifically for herbalists, and here is a free anatomy and physiology course

If you want to be a practicing herbalist someday, this program is an excellent place to start. Many people contact us because they are interested in becoming herbalists. BotanoLogos students who have gone on to enroll in advanced training such as MS in Herbal Sciences or acupuncture programs report that the scope of our program gave them a clear advantage. Successful completion of this program and meeting all program requirements fulfill some of the education requirements for Registered Herbalist membership with the American Herbalists Guild.

This program will not qualify you to start an herbal practice, but it will give you a solid foundation in herbalism that can help you decide whether you want to pursue more in-depth herbal studies. 

We are happy to share resources for continuing your herbal education with us and can recommend other intermediate-level herbal programs that may be a good fit for your goals.