Committing to a lengthy course of study requires careful consideration. The following information may help you determine if our program is right for you. If you have questions, we are happy to answer them. Please contact us by email or phone, (706) 490-3904. 

 The benefits and challenges of learning online. We are pleased with the reconfigured Foundations of Herbalism program that we offered for the first time in 2020. With our new format, you have the option of attending classes as live presentations and/or as recordings that may be accessed for one year, depending on the version of the program you purchase. This format allows you to attend on your own schedule and review classes as often as you like for one year.

Attending an herb program online is a different learning experience, but we’ve created an engaging and interactive program for our students. We use Zoom to share live classes. All recorded classes, handouts, and quizzes are accessed through the BotanoLogos Online Classroom on our website. Students in the Full Access program can post questions and interact with each other through Slack’s student group (an app for computers or other devices).

 About in-person classes for 2021. We’ve opted to offer the Foundations as an online program again this year in the interest of safety. However, if infection rates drop by spring of 2021, we plan to offer one and two-day field study classes here in Rabun County.

We’re offering herb and wild food walks with Cara-Lee Langston in April and May here. Dates for other classes will be announced in early 2021, and registration will open 1 month before each class date for a limited number of students. See our COVID19 Policies. Anyone enrolled in the Foundations of Herbalism program will be first to be notified when registration opens for these additional classes.

 We offer monthly payment options. If you need to “pay as you go,” we offer the option of making monthly payments through our subscription plan for both the Full Access and On-Demand versions of the Foundations of Herbalism Program. We also have a limited number of tuition discounts available; click here for details. 

 Herbal beginners are welcome. Our program is a great way to start your formal herbal studies. We can even suggest some pre-program reading if you send us an email.

 Self-taught herbalists love our program. If you have read lots of herb books or taken classes here and there with other herbalists over the years, you’ve probably noticed that there are many ways to use herbs for healing. While we don’t claim to be ‘Keepers of the Truth,’ our program will help you sort out various approaches to herbalism as you develop your own elegant and effective way of using herbs to help yourself, your family, and friends.

 We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and world views. The course is designed for anyone interested in integrating herbalism into their everyday lives. We are committed to diversity and welcome everyone interested in learning about herbs and healing in a stimulating, creative, and supportive environment. We believe that health care in general and access to health care, especially using herbs as a primary source of healing, are issues central to herbalism.

 Yes, you will have homework. Full Access students interested in receiving a Certificate of Completion should plan to devote 3 – 4 hours each month (outside of class) to reading assignments, online quizzes, and medicine-making projects. You’ll receive a detailed list of homework assignments in the first class. The more time you devote to reading about individual herbs and applying what you’ve learned, the more you will gain from the program. And there will be online quizzes each month to reinforce the information shared in class.

If you are attending as an On-Demand student, you are encouraged to complete reading assignments, quizzes, and medicine making projects, though this is optional unless you would like to earn a Certificate of Completion.

Basic anatomy and physiology are not part of the program. Before enrolling, students are expected to understand the human body and how it works. If you have never formally studied human physiology or anatomy or could use a refresher course, we can recommend some well-written books and online courses (free and paid) that will help you prepare for the program. Please send us an email for details. 

 If you think you want to be a practicing herbalist someday, this program is a good place to start. Many of our students are interested in pursuing a career in herbal medicine, and we think this is a great idea…we need an herbalist in every home! Completing this program will not provide the extensive training needed to start an herbal practice. Still, it will give you a solid foundation in herbalism that will help you decide whether you want to pursue more in-depth herbal studies. However, you will know how to help your friends and family with herbal support for everyday health issues. 

At the end of the program, you may decide to continue your studies with us by registering for our intermediate level classes. BotanoLogos students who have enrolled in advanced training such as longer clinical herbal studies programs, MS in Herbal Sciences, or acupuncture school report that having attended our program gave them a clear advantage. Successful completion of this program fulfills some of the education requirements for Registered Herbalist membership with the American Herbalists Guild.