Good News! 

Our Foundations of Herbalism Program 2020 is now available as an online program!

We want our program to be accessible to everyone even though you can’t join us at our classroom in the Southern Appalachians this year.

More than ever before, herbalists are needed to provide safe, effective herbal health care for their families, friends, and communities. Our program gives you a solid introduction to the art of herbal healing along with skills and information you can use today.

Our goal is to strengthen your innate ability to heal yourself and others, broaden your knowledge of herbs as a natural, effective way to promote optimal health and wellness, and support you as you learn to use herbs with confidence. By the end of the program, you’ll know how to use more than 60 herbs to treat a wide range of common health conditions, make herbal medicines in your own kitchen, and much more.

The 2020 Foundations of Herbalism Online Program began on April 25 and continues monthly through December.

We are still accepting registrations for the program! Register today and get access to the recording of the first weekend’s class and handouts.

The curriculum consists of 118 hours of lectures, virtual plant walks, and medicine-making demonstrations. Classes are held one weekend and one evening per month.  Attend via live-streamed sessions or access recordings at your convenience.

Each month’s class is streamed live on one weekend, with five hours of class on both Saturday and Sunday, and one 2-hour class on Wednesday evening. Recordings of all classes are available to access at your convenience. See dates and times below.

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What You Will Learn

  • the medicinal uses of 60 herbs.
  • plant botany, plant families, and the botanical characteristics of 60 herbs.
  • to make herbal preparations (tinctures, oils, salves, infused oils, teas, syrups, and more).
  • to use herbs to heal specific body systems (cardiovascular, digestive, etc.)
  • to create herbal formulas for everyday health problems.
  • an overview of the energetic concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory.
  • herbal strategies to improve your health.


The 2020 Foundations of Herbalism Program is an online course, accessible on your computer or tablet. Students are sent a link to our private online classroom portal where they can access live-streamed or recorded sessions as well as all program handouts.


CurriculumIncludes 118 hours of instruction, extensive class materials (in digital form), monthly live “office hours” with Patricia, and membership in an on-line discussion group. As a student of our program, you’ll also qualify for discounts from various herbal suppliers and organizations.


Tuition:  $2,225.00  for the entire program if paid in full, or you may pay $250 per month.

A limited amount of financial assistance (discounted tuition) is available for students unable to pay the full price of the program. Click here to learn more or to apply.

Past graduates of the BotanoLogos Foundations of Herbalism program can take the course at a discounted rate. Scroll down for more information.


Program Dates

Saturdays and Sundays,  10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday evenings, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
April 25 & 26, April 29
May 16 & 17, May 20
June 13 & 14, June 17
July 18 & 19, July 22,
August 22 & 23, August 26
September 26 & 27, September 30
October 24 & 25, October 28
November 14 & 15, November 18
December 12 & 13

Your Teachers

Patricia Kyristi Howell

Program Director and Primary Teacher

Lorna Mauney-Brodek

Primary Teacher

Mimi Hernandez

Guest Teacher

Linda Gooding, Ph.D.

Guest Teacher

Cara-Lee Langston

Guest Teacher

Additional Cost

Additional Costs: You should expect to spend about $200 for books, plus an estimated $50-75 for ingredients for medicine making projects. See our list of required books below. You’ll receive program handouts and other supplemental materials as digital files for each module. You should have access to a computer with a printer to print program materials throughout the program.

Have You Studied with BotanoLogos Before?

Past students of BotanoLogos can take this year’s online program as a refresher with the discount code GRADUATE for only $900 (or GRADUATE2 if you’re paying monthly). Enter that discount code at checkout after you register for the online program. We look forward to seeing some of you again online!


Students who meet all program requirements are awarded a “Certificate of Completion.” The certificate acknowledges the successful completion of the Program and recognizes demonstrated proficiency in herbal therapeutics, basic field botany, herbal formulation, medicine-making techniques and knowledge of the uses of sixty herbs. We do not confer any titles such as, “Certified,” “ Registered” or “Master Herbalist.” Find more information here.